Reasons I Adore Vaping

The Electronic Cigarette Universe

Electronic cigarettes or “e-cigarettes” have been all the rage in the world for the past few years. It can be hard to avoid seeing vape shops practically everywhere you go. If you’re interested in the concept of an alternative to smoking, then vaping may be something that you should consider seriously. I happen to be a big fan of vaping. It’s changed my existence for the better in so many ways, too. People frequently ask to me to explain why I adore vaping so much. I don’t hesitate to answer that question in any way, either. I always answer it with complete confidence.

Vaping Exposes Me to Fewer Detrimental Chemicals

The idea of detrimental chemicals isn’t a pleasant one. Vaping fortunately exposes me to markedly lower amounts of them. Cigarettes are heavy in dangerous toxins and chemicals that I don’t want anywhere near my body. Some big ones are carbon monoxide, ammonia and even cyanide. These chemicals can make people much more vulnerable to cancer. I want to do anything and everything I can to safeguard myself from disease. That’s one of the main reasons I prefer vaping over traditional smoking.

Vaping Just Isn’t As Big a Wellness Risk in General

Vaping cannot compete with cigarette smoking in the health risk department, and I mean that in the best possible way. People who smoke make themselves more vulnerable to all kinds of serious health concerns. Some of these are heart disease, breathing disorders and lung cancer. I don’t want a diagnosis of any of these conditions, period. That’s the reason I think that vaping is vastly superior.

Vaping Isn’t As Habit-Forming

Vaping just isn’t as habit-forming as standard smoking is. Nicotine can make people want to come back for more and more. It’s not pretty. Vaping juices are free of nicotine and therefore aren’t as habit-forming.

Vaping Liquid Flavors Are Amazing

It can be enjoyable to explore all of the options in vaping liquid flavors that are on the market at the moment. The choices these days are so plentiful that they can actually be somewhat overwhelming. You can go for vaping liquid flavors that are reminiscent of desserts. Fans of cheesecake, apple pie and chocolate often have an abundance of options. You can go for vaping liquid flavors that are redolent of refreshing and juicy fruits. Some people appreciate pineapple, watermelon, orange and grape choices.

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