Reasons Vaping is Good for Those in Recovery

Going through recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is definitely difficult. Many drug addicts and alcoholics are also addicted to cigarettes. Here’s why making the switch from cigarettes to vaping is good for people in recovery.

1. Vaping is a hobby.

Vaping gives you something to be interested in, something to do. It’s much better to go to the vape shop and hang out with your vape buddies than it is to go to the bar.

2. Smoking cigarettes may make you want to drink.

For a lot of people, drinking and smoking are two activities that go hand in hand. If you quit drinking but don’t quit smoking, you are much more likely to pick the drinking back up at some point.

3. For many, smoking and drinking or smoking and drug use is linked.

It’s always better to quit smoking when you become sober. But instead of just quitting cold turkey, switching to vaping and then cutting back the nicotine levels is much more manageable for a lot of people.

If you are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, it’s important to get help. There are many addiction treatment centers where you can get the treatment you deserve.

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