Why Vapers Shouldn’t Be Worried About Popcorn Lung

A recent study has had everyone in the vaping world up in arms. The group at the Harvard School of Public Health found that the chemical flavoring known as Diacetyl that is found in vapes and vape juice is linked to lung diseases, primarily the disease known as popcorn lung. The study stated that this chemical is found in 75% of vape juices.

First of all, this statistic is definitely not up to date. Many producers of vape juice are removing Diacetyl from their recipes. Also, the truth is that people who smoke regular cigarettes are much more likely to expose their lungs to Diacetyl. However, in both cases, it’s very unlikely that vapers or smokers are at risk of contracting popcorn lung.

The big tobacco companies do not want people to know how much better vaping is for them than smoking. They want to make people afraid of vaping because it’s drastically cutting into their profits.

But basically, you probably aren’t going to get popcorn lung so you really shouldn’t be worried about it.

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